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Price Match Guarantee

Authorized Dealers and Brands:

We will price match against advertised or quoted prices from other authorized dealers of the product. However, please note that we do not price match foreign websites. Price matches are valid for products purchased within our authorized region and territory.

Brand Authorization:

We do not price match businesses that are going out of business or have lost their dealership and are no longer authorized to sell a particular brand. This policy ensures that you receive genuine, authorized products and support.

Request Timing:

Price matches must be requested prior to the purchase. No price matches will be accepted on a retroactive basis after the transaction has been completed. To request a price match, please provide all necessary documentation or information before making your purchase.

Advertised or Quoted Prices:

Price matches will be considered for identical products based on advertised or quoted prices from authorized dealers. The price comparison should include all applicable taxes, shipping, and handling fees. Any special promotions, discounts, or incentives offered by the competitor will also be considered during the evaluation.

Verification Process:

Price match requests will be reviewed by our team, and we reserve the right to verify the details provided by the customer. Price matches are subject to approval based on the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided.


We reserve the right to exclude any price match requests that do not meet the above criteria, or if we believe the request is not made in good faith. Price matching is discretionary and may not be possible for items that are unmatchable due to supply constraints or prohibitively high costs.

Final Decision:

Our final decision on price match requests is at our discretion and may not be applicable in conjunction with other offers, promotions, or discounts.

Policy Revisions:

We may update this Price Match Guarantee policy from time to time to reflect changes in our business operations or market conditions. It is your responsibility to review the policy periodically for any updates.

For more information or to request a price match, please contact our customer service team or visit our website.