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Bar Tape - Grips

Wrap your handlebars in comfort and style with RA Cycles' extensive selection of cycling bar tape and grips. From the enduring softness of Lizard Skins, perfect for reducing vibration and enhancing grip, to the vibrant and tactile options from Supacaz that bring a pop of color and unmatched comfort, personalize your ride to suit your style. Silca's bar tape offers a classic look with modern performance, ensuring durability and a premium feel. PRO bar tape is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing support where you need it most. Ciclovation brings innovative materials for a grip that stays reliable in any weather, and Deda's range adds Italian flair to your ride with its blend of comfort and control. With additional selections from a variety of top brands, RA Cycles ensures your hands find the perfect companion for every ride.

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