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Bike Pedals & Cleats

Step into performance with RA Cycles' largest selection of bike pedals and cleats, featuring top brands for every type of cyclist. Shimano pedals are known for their durability and reliability, offering options for road, mountain, and casual riding. Speedplay's innovative pedal system provides dual-sided entry and adjustable float, catering to the needs of competitive cyclists. Time pedals are celebrated for their biomechanical efficiency and comfort, making them a favorite among both road and off-road riders. Look pedals bring French engineering to the forefront, with a range of models that have set the standard in road cycling. Garmin adds a technological edge with their power meter pedals, allowing riders to monitor their performance in real time. Crank Brothers' pedals are renowned for their unique design and versatility, providing excellent mud shedding and easy engagement. With additional options from other leading brands, RA Cycles ensures that you'll find the perfect pedals and cleats to enhance your cycling experience, whether you're racing, exploring, or commuting.

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