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Unveiling Excellence: Lake CX333 Cycling Shoe Review - RA Cycles

Unveiling Excellence: Lake CX333 Cycling Shoe Review

Troy Morgan |

Over the past month, I've had the pleasure of testing out the new Lake CX333 cycling shoes. This experience was particularly exciting for me as I've been riding in the Lake CX403 for the past two years, offering a unique opportunity to directly compare the two models.

The first standout feature of the CX333 is its impeccable fit, the CX333 felt remarkably comfortable right out of the box – a pleasant surprise for me. Sharing the same race last as the CX403, the overall feel was consistently satisfying. What I appreciate most is the range of fits available – narrow, regular, and wide – ensuring that regardless of your foot type, you can easily find the perfect fit. Additionally, the introduction of a Microfiber option adds a touch of style to these already impressive shoes.

The CX333 represents the next generation of the classic CX332, bringing with it updates and upgrades. One notable addition is the Carbitex arch support panel, enhancing the overall stability and security of the fit. The deep, heat-moldable heel cup further contributes to achieving that ideal fit we all desire.

As someone with relatively flat feet who opted to stick with the stock footbed, I initially felt a bit less arch support. However, the medial carbon panel of the shoe ensured a secure feel when tightened up and ready to hit the road.

A hallmark of Lake shoes is the spacious toe box, and the CX333 is no exception. There's ample room for my toes to breathe, providing a level of comfort essential for long rides.

One detail that sets the CX333 apart is the thoughtfully spaced BOA® closures. The slightly larger distance between them ensures a more balanced level of support for my foot. This is a notable advantage over other shoes where a lack of spacing on the BOAs can result in a sensation of the foot being squeezed in the middle. Lake has done an exceptional job in addressing this concern, contributing to an overall superior cycling experience.

The Lake CX333 combines comfort, performance, and innovative features to deliver an outstanding cycling shoe. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer, the attention to detail in design and fit makes the CX333 a compelling choice for your next ride.

The technical details of the Lake CX333 cycling shoe:

Lake CX333 Last:

The CX/TX RACE Last of the Lake CX333 is meticulously crafted for high-performance cycling. Distinguished by a slightly more narrow toe box and a snugger heel compared to the Competition last, it surpasses the Sport last with reduced overall volume. Tailored for riders engaging in high-cadence cycling, this last ensures a sleek and slim fit, elevating the cycling experience with precision and efficiency.

CX333 Outsole:

The Lake CX333 boasts a cutting-edge Outsole featuring the Lake Race 100% Carbon Fiber Sole, designed with a 3-hole cleat pattern for optimal compatibility. What sets the CX333 apart is Lake's patented double sole system. The inner sole, constructed from semi-flexible fiberglass, strategically provides flexibility at the ball of the foot, where swelling and potential hot spots or numbness might occur during rides. This inner sole is ingeniously suspended over the outer rigid carbon sole, allowing the CX333 to achieve an exceptional balance of stiffness for maximum power transfer without compromising on riding comfort. This innovative system demonstrates Lake's commitment to delivering an elevated cycling experience that seamlessly combines performance and comfort.

CX333 Upper:

The CX333 Upper is a pinnacle of craftsmanship, offering two distinct options for riders seeking premium materials and performance. Choose between the luxurious Klite Kangaroo leather paired with a leather lining or the high-tech Clarino Microfiber upper featuring Outlast temperature-regulating lining.

Adding to its excellence, the CX333 incorporates a Carbitex Medial Support panel, ensuring a secure and stable fit throughout your rides. The internal Thermaform Carbon Fiber heel counter is not only heat-moldable but also contributes to the overall structure and support of the shoe. Whether you prioritize the rich feel of Kangaroo leather or the advanced technology of Clarino Microfiber, the CX333 Upper provides a sophisticated blend of comfort, style, and performance for discerning cyclists.

CX333 Closure:

Elevate your cycling experience with the CX333 Closure, featuring the BOA® Fit System Li2 dials – the epitome of cutting-edge technology in the cycling world. The Li2 dial stands as the most advanced platform, delivering a level of precision and micro-adjustability unparalleled in both directions. Engineered to resist abrasion, these dials ensure a secure and comfortable fit throughout your ride. Experience the pinnacle of closure technology with the BOA® Fit System Li2, enhancing the overall performance and convenience of the Lake CX333 cycling.

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